Young Brown Dwarfs: Testing Star Formation Across the Environments

Muzic, Koraljka; Scholz, A.; Jayawardhana, R.; Geers, V. C.
Star Formation from Cores to Clusters, Proceedings of the Conference held 6-9 March, 2017 at ESO, Santiago, Chile. (2017).


SONYC (Substellar Objects in Nearby Young Clusters) is a deep, unbiased imaging and spectroscopic survey designed to provide a census of substellar population in several nearby star forming regions. As a result, the substellar IMF is now well characterized down to 5 - 10 MJup. We are now extending the survey to more distant massive young clusters, characterized by orders of magnitude higher stellar densities and OB star numbers. This new dataset allows us, for the first time, to test the influence that such environments might have on the production of very-low mass objects.