The Young Planet Hosting Triple System TYC 2627-638-1

Korhonen, Heidi; Olah, K.; Vida, K.; Moor, A.; Jarvinen, S. P.; Djupvik, A. A.; Ilyin, I. V.
American Astronomical Society, ESS meeting #2, #39.01


The more than 500 currently known exoplanets have shown that planetary systems are many and varied. Still, most of these planets are found around older single stars. TYC 2627-638-1 appears to be very young, approximately 25 Myr, multiple system with a planet. The primary component of this wide binary likely hosts a substellar companion of less than five Jupiter masses, and our new observations also show that the primary has an additional red object orbiting it with about two year period, making TYC 2627-638-1 a triple system. Here, we will discuss the properties of this complex young stellar system hosting a substellar body, and present new optical and infrared observations.