Collaborating with Dr. N. Neumayer and being involved in the ESO Observing Programmes Committee

Friday, 26 April 2013

Dr. R. Schödel is currently at ESO headquarters in Garching, sponsored by ESO's visitor program. He will stay there from 29 April to 1 June and work with Dr. Nadine Neumayer, Dr. Anja Feldmeier and others on a project  to understand the dynamics, mass, and stellar population of the  Milky Way's Nuclear Star Cluster. Nuclear Star Clusters are massive, compact clusters found at the very center of almost every galaxy. They frequently coexist with supermassive black holes and show complex stellar populations created in multiple, and often very recent, star formation events. The nuclear cluster at the center of our Galaxy is a target of unique interest because - being hundreds of times closer than extragalactic nuclear star clusters - it is the only such object that can be resolved into individual stars. The data used for this project were acquired with spectroscopic slit scans with ISAAC/VLT. The project was granted Director's Discretionary Time.

Addicionally, Dr. R. Schödel is involved in ESO Observing Programmes Committee (OPC).