Stellar Systems Group Members

Stellar Systems Group Members


Emilio J. Alfaro Navarro

Alfaro Navarro, Emilio Javier

Emilio J. Alfaro is currently working on the connection between the spatial and kinematic structure of different  stellar systems (clusters, stellar complexes, spiral arm segments, etc)  and the processes of star formation driving that patterns.

emilio [at]

Delgado Sánchez, Antonio Jesús

My research is focused on the properties of Pre-main Sequence (PMS) stars, detected as members of young open clusters in the Milky Way. Photometry and spectroscopy in both the optical and near infrared ranges, are used to classify the stars in the fields of young clusters, to select members, and to check the performances of theoretical PMS evolutionary models.

delgado [at]

Antonio Jesús Delgado Sánchez

María Teresa Costado Dios

Costado Dios, María Teresa

After having worked in other areas of research, now my main field is the photometric study (optic and near-infrared) of the Northern Hemisphere stellar clusters containing massive stars to determine the main physical parameters as well as whether there are internal structures in them. I also do the analysis of active-forming regions to quantify the influence of the local environment on the formation of new stellar populations.

mteresa [at]

Sampedro Hernández, Laura María

I am currently doing my PhD thesis, that it is divided into two lines of research. The first one, supervised by  Dr. Emilio Alfaro, is based on a new methodology to  estimate the membership probabilities using variables such as positions, proper motions, radial velocities (variables that are more concentrated for the cluster members than for the field stars), aiming at determining the possible members of a stellar cluster.

The second line of my thesis, supervised by Dr. Jorge Peñarrubia (Edinburgh University), consists in the detection of signatures of accretion in dwarf spheroidal galaxies (dSph galaxies).

sampedro [at]

Laura María Sampedro


Alfredo Sota Ballano

Sota Ballano, Alfredo

Main fields of research:

Masive stars spectroscopic catalogs. Precise determination of the IMF for massive stars. Measurement of radial velocities for Galactic kinematical studies. Detection of unknown massive binaries.

sota [at]

Gallego Calvente, A. Teresa

My main research interests are Communication, Didactic and Educational aspects of Astronomy and Molecular Spectroscopy of the Interstellar Medium in galactic or extragalactic regions of star formation.

gallego [at]

A. Teresa Gallego Calvente

Jesús Cabrera Caño

Cabrera Caño, Jesús

Researching in colaboration with the Department of Radioastronomy and Galactic Structure from Andalusian Astrophysics Institut, he is specialist in development and application of statistical techniques on data analysis.
Currently he studies structural and kinematic aspects of the Young Galactic Disk. In particular about the structure called "Gould Belt" operating valuate results from astrometric space mission Hipparcos.

jcc-famn [at]

Djupvik, Anlaug Amanda

Since May 2000 I am working at the Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT) in La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain.
My main field of research is Star Formation and the origin of the Initial Mass Function.

amanda [at]

Anlaug Amanda Djupvik

César Husillos Rodríguez

Husillos Rodríguez, César

I work as software developer and webmaster as permanent staff in the Andalusian Institute of Astrophysics. I have experience in astronomical image processing (optical and NIR) and catalogs (astrometry and photometry). My technical knowledge extends over several areas: server administration (LINUX/UNIX), database design and implementation (MySQL), programming languages (Python, C, C++,...), web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP), document and images design (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, GIMP,...) and Office Software (MS Office y LibreOffice). I try to work with free software whenever it's possible.

cesar [at]

Sánchez Gil, María del Carmen

My work is focused in the kinematic study of near spiral galaxies using long slit spectroscopy , and in the stellar formation using optical photometry (Halpha-TTF), UV (GALEX) and IR (SPITZER).

mcarmen.sanchez [at]

María del Carmen Sánchez Gil

David Galadí Enríquez

Galadí Enríquez, David

My main fields of research are astrometry and photometry of stellar open clusters.

dgaladi [at]

Sánchez Doreste, Néstor M.

My main field of research (but not the only one!) is the Interstellar Medium (ISM). I am trying to characterize in detail the structure of molecular clouds and star forming regions in order to understand the relationship between the properties of the ISM and the properties of new-born stars.

nestorsa [at]

Néstor M. Sánchez Doreste