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The Stellar Systems Group studies observationally resolved stellar systems in the Milky Way and the Local Group to deepen our understanding of the structure and dynamics of stellar clusters, of the physics of star formation, and of the astrophysics and formation history of the Galactic Centre.


Main current research lines from the Stellar Systems Group

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List of refereed publications from the SSG members

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Images from our projects and the last media events.

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Westerlund 1 cluster: a nursery of giant stars emerging from the darkness

The Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC) participates in the study of the most massive young cluster of stars in the Milky Way. This stellar swarm brings together different types of giant stars in different evolutionary phases, and constitutes a first-class laboratory for the study of the formation and evolution of massive stars

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Radio observations of massive stars in the Galactic centre: The Arches Cluster

We present high-angular-resolution radio observations of the Arches cluster in the Galactic centre, one of the most massive young clusters in the Milky Way. The data were acquired in two epochs and at 6 and 10 GHz with the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array. The rms noise reached is three to four times better than during previous observations and we have almost doubled the number of known radio stars in the cluster.

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Distance to three molecular clouds in the central molecular zone

In this work, we computed the distances to three molecular clouds in the central molecular zone (CMZ), the 50 kms-1 , 20 kms-1, and the Brick clouds, and investigated their CMZ membership. We used the colour magnitude diagrams Ks versus H−Ks to compare stars detected towards the target clouds with stars detected towards three reference regions in the nuclear stellar disc (NSD) and the Galactic bulge. We used red clump (RC) stars to estimate the distance to each region.

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