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Dr. Emilio J. Alfaro

Director of the Stellar System Group and head of the Radioastronomy and Galactic Structure department at the IAA-CSIC.                                                 

Research Interests

Currently working on the connection between the spatial and kinematic structure of different  stellar systems (clusters, stellar complexes, spiral arm segments, etc)  and the processes of star formation driving those patterns.


Refereed publications on NASA/ADS
Non-refereed publications on NASA/ADS


I am a lecturer of Cosmology and Galaxies of the Master in Particle Physics and Astrophysics of the University of Granada since 2014.

I actively practice the dissemination and teaching of astrophysics with enthusiasm. I participate in the organization and management of different outreach activities, such as the Lucas Lara conference cycle or the Initiation Project to Research and Innovation in Secondary in Andalusia (Proyecto de Iniciación a la Investigación e Innovación en Secundaria en Andalucía , PIIISA), among others. 

I have been coordinator and presenter of two of the Cycles of Conferences organized by the Ateneo de Granada (Los orígenes and Luz, color, visión) in collaboration with the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC). I have been the director of the Andalusian Strategy for the Dissemination of Astronomy (Director de la Estrategia Andaluza de Divulgación de la Astronomía , EADA) at the Fundación Descubre.

I have published articles in different books, magazines, blogs and newspapers, such as the magazine Información y Actualidad Astronómica or the newspaper El País, among others.

See in Outreach section some of my last Articles and Videos. For the full list, click here.